4 Ways the Social Media Industry Changed for Social Media Managers

It seems as if the social media industry is ever-changing for users. Anyone who has used a platform five years ago would not be able to recognize it today. On top of that, the industry continues to grow rapidly. In the past year, 366 million new people joined social media. It also poses a challenge for social media managers to be knowledgeable of the latest trends and updates. Once you think you’ve learned all there is to know about marketing on social media, you have to completely revamp your strategy. Here are four ways social media has transformed over the past few years:

1. More Businesses Recognize the Impact of Social Media

When social media first took off, there were very few companies using platforms to represent their brands. It was mainly occupied by younger audiences who were seeking interpersonal connections. Now, approximately 90 percent of U.S. businesses have their own social media accounts. The increase can be attributed to the amount of marketing opportunities available. Platforms continue to make it easier for brands to reap the benefits with new advertising capabilities. This influx created the demand for social media managers to take over and fine-tune companies’ content. Now, if a manager wants to achieve their KPIs, they need to use social media to its full potential.

2. The Industry Became An Advertising Haven

With more businesses online, platforms seized the opportunity to advertise. Several social media sites have incorporated ads into their landscapes. Facebook is the most popular advertising tool for marketers, with 70 percent of them choosing Facebook ads as the most effective for achieving their goals. In addition, ads in stories are a popular format for businesses. There are more opportunities than ever for companies to see the value in social media marketing, and social media managers are leading that effort.

3. Influencers Can Add Value to Brands

Ten years ago, the term “influencer” didn’t exist. Now, social media managers are beginning to recognize just how powerful these thought leaders are. A survey found that 34 percent of U.S. Instagram users bought a product because it was recommended by a blogger or influencer. Even though social media experts haven’t fully taken advantage of it yet, it’s projected that 2/3 of marketers plan on increasing their influencer marketing budgets this year.

4. Two-way Communication on Social Media is Vital

Social media fosters connection, but now followers can get in touch with a company directly. Billions of people use messaging apps like Facebook Messenger to keep in touch with brands. Direct messaging has become an essential marketing tool, but 71 percent of companies don’t use it. The social media managers who make the most of messaging are improving their customer service and building a deeper connection with their followers.

Lindsay Gamble is pursuing his/her graduate degree in Social Media at The University of Florida, and works as a communications specialist for UFIT.

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