Korea …Little Guy…Big Guns

So it's all over the news that Kim Jong Un has declared war against super power America. War was declared over two things in my investigation, the first being, the more prominent of the two, trade sanctions. This is when one country poses penalties on one or more countries regarding trade banking or travel. Just as the USA did to Cuba many years ago. The difference this time around is the sanctions aren't against Korea it's imposed on the self proclaimed deity Kim Jong Un amoung 10 others. For violation of human rights abuse all documented through video, testimony, and voice recordings by the United Nations. (USA Today)

Now you ask why Obama would do such a thing. Kim jong Un is a FUCKING lunatic and has made mutiple threats of nuclear war. You can imagine what watching his father rule the country could have done to him so far as childhood trama.

The other reason being korea and the US share the "safe zone" of Pyongyang to cross train troops. At this site it is noted that US troops are performing tactics to invade thw Korean Capitol in a snake decapitation maneuver. ( kill the ruler)

Firstly the Korean dictator is know for throwing out country obliteration threats as it has recently called out Japan saying " it were be ruduced to a debris field".

America has inacted said trade sanctions in order to add to North Korea's already growing global isolation. But with the dictator's constant temper tantrums, all "MERICA" is doing is being the "Guardian of the world" it always has been and putting a spoiled child in the corner to think about its actions. (The reason Cuba is still driving around American cars from the 50's) honestly it's a pretty effective punishment.

So as an American of corse our government won't make impending war something us regular citizens have to worry about. And I agree because in reference to Sadaum, if you cut off the head of a snake it flops around for a minute before it bleeds out.

Down side: when one snake dies another one occupies it's territory.

America ( OG triple OG) is calling bull shit. Obama has already deployed a reasonable amount of US fighter jets to a neiboring U S territory , basically asking Kim if he's feeling froggy. There hasn't been any word on the Little Big Guy's plan of action toward this chin check.

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