So apparently, Joe Budden taped his altercation with Drake fan @Redakidprodigy. I just watched the video and it seems to me that Red some how finessed his friends to band wagonly approach Budden’s home. From what I seen nothing was even said about Drake in the initail confrontation. It looks like Budden hops out of his car because….you dont walk up on a black man like that.

But my main thing is he chased them via car and hopped out with hand full of rocks. Theating to kill these idiots.

Im an loyal fan of Mouse but even as a fan you have to admit this is out of control.

Also as a side not… its hilarious to think about these preppy white guys as “Drakes goons” lol

In related news…

I feel like Drake and Meek’s beef is somthing that happened late night after a party.

I think Drake said to meek “where is the old cut thtoat Meek? Why havent you dropped a track in said amount of time? And im mad you smashed Nikki and she let you tell people about it.” (honestly i think Drake and Nikki were fucking for some time before all the hype. But she just didnt want anyone to think she was an elevator hoe)

But the beef between the two looks like one rapper trying to get the other to make more music. After all ,we know what the smallest idea of beef brings the most.

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