The Death of a Rapper

The Internet made a resurrection of Drake beef with the apperence of the Drake and Joe Budden diss tracks. This started when Budden called out Drake on his pod cast radio station. #joebuddenmorningshow on #gracieradio. Budden saying Drake once a trend setter has reduced himself to a trend follower. Drake had a minor response of disapproval, which erupted the hell fire of #mouse Joe Budden. He released his first dis #makingamurderer vol.1. A six minute long virtual disenbowelment of the rapper Drake. Followed by #thewake, the lesser of the two but along the lines of Drake’s #backtoback #meekmill dis track. To all this ,Drake felt, only two bars, of a verse, ON ANOTHER RAPPERS SONG, was the correct response to it all.

But let’s be fair the only thing that keeps the fire of rap beef alive is the ever vigilant, bat men of the media enthusiast (everyone and their momma) and bloogers.

I take a bow.

And immediately DAB ON UM! Like the Info Santa Clause I am.

Because now rising from the embers of the Joe and Drake disses.



#MarshalMathers a long time friend and believer in Budden, even investor and co owner of #SlaughterHouse Budden’s rap group consisting of Joe Budden, (new member) Yelawolf, Crooked I, Joell Ortiz, and (childhood friend of Eminem) Royce da 5’9. ( the two made an album called #badvsevil if you listen to any one of the songs on the album you will see how the dangerous duo compliment each other and how the could have developed each others flow)

Slaughter house ,as individuals in the group, is like a myth of lyrical assassins gathered from the four corners (sides) of the nation, lurking in the shadows of hip hop. As a group they form a Megazord, who’s soul purpose is to protect and preserve the true form of hip hop. (personal opinion lol)

But when put like that, its not hard to see why any memeber of this group would come for Robbin Hood’s King Richard also known as Drake. Joey, as most know just happens to me the emotionally out spoken one, is the top candidate. But hey "he’s an artist and he’s sensitive about his shit!".

But there is no reason for this "beef" other then sport. So even though it doesn’t seem likely that Slim Shady will make an apearence, it is likly for him to through little jabs into verses to see if some one catches and retorts especially in the name of. After all he did sponsor the first mainstream battle rap reality show #Roadtototalslaughter Hosted and judged by none other then the group of Slaughterhouse. Also for good measure, EVERY SINGLE FREESTYLE BY EMINEM IN #8MILE WAS OFF THE TOP OF HIS HEAD!

But at this time it is just a rumor started by radio personality #djEbro. Drake responded when asked what “I’m 'Em jumped in” with "I got something for him too" to which the world responded simultaneously.

Eminem has been quiet on the entire situation and seeing as 'Em hasn’t doped a song in quite some time, I don’t think he will come out to play. I mean when’s the last time you heard of one of the Greek gods unleashing thier wraith on the legendary but still mortal (career still can be ended and pissed on because it still is his career) rapper known as Drake.

What I find funny though, is that, people think if you dis one of Eminem. Friends, they expect him to hop in like some super nigga and help save face. First off this is hip hop, if you can’t fend for yourself, your own group will laugh at you and exploit it. We’ve seen it happen when Budden lost the #HBO #payperview exclusive battle to #Hollow.

But even stranger, this #djebro is sort of treating Drake writing a diss track towards Joey as Drake drawling a pentagram on the floor.



Here is a link of what these guys are capable of.🔗

Its the the CXVPHER on YouTube if the link doesn’t work.

The check out 50 cent speaking on Eminem get an idea of what this man has done for the game of rap.

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