How starting a business made us leave everything to travel the world.

I was pushed into travel through tragedy.

Losing my husband to cancer at age 25, I was convinced to take a sabbatical abroad. I traveled through Europe with a group of friends and as cliché as it sounds, it changed my life forever.

From that point on I was determined to make travel a part of my life.

And I did.

A native California girl, I traveled up and down the west coast from Mexico to Canada.

Working in sales, marketing, and music my national travel was dramatically increased.

My down time was filled with taking as much international vacations possible. In 2012 alone, I went to the the Yucatan, Peru, Panama, Spain and Czech Republic.

In 2014, I broke my lease, put everything I owned in storage and embarked on a journey to live at the Shaolin Temple in China, training kung fu, for 1 year.

It was there that I met a man who is now my husband. He, too, is a wanderer. Originally from Czech Republic, he had lived in Greece, Norway, England, Scotland and Ireland with countless side trips and vacations along the way.

We left China together and traveled through India, Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Guatemala. It was there that I found out I was pregnant.

After a quick stint in Europe to meet my future in-laws, we headed to the U.S. so I could get my affairs in order, like getting all those things out of storage, finding a midwife, and getting married. (You know, the usual)

Our only good wedding photo

I had always done contract work. And even though, according to my taxation status, I was my own business, the work was still facilitating the dream and vision of someone else.

My last contract was the worst experience I ever had in 16 years of marketing.

Immediately upon the end of the contract, I decided that was it and I incorporated a new business. I had already been consulting and guiding entrepreneurs on the side for years. I decided it was time to make it official.

Based on our savings, I had 8 months to make something magical happen.

However life with a new baby isn’t the most conducive to overnight success. I was lucky to get overnight sleep.

The day our baby boy was born

The stress of the task at hand wasn’t making daily life any better. I barely left the house, I was terribly out of shape, my husband was living the life of a single parent, and the guilt of too many “mommy has to work” was taking it’s toll.

Living in my office

Knowing our dollars would stretch much further abroad, we decided to embark on a nomadic life abroad.

Our first stop?

Our online announcement

Czech Republic to see my husband’s family. While he loves his family, he hadn’t lived in Czech for 15 years and never had any plans of moving back. Knowing this was a temporary visit helped ease his dismay.

We bought our tickets in October 2016 and made the announcement to friends and family at our son’s 1st birthday party that November.

Our son’s camping themed 1st birthday

At this point they were used to me running in and out of the country. So the shock was less than my China announcement years prior. But this time was different because I had no intention of coming back.

We sold everything we owned except for a 1 meter x 1 meter pallet that we had shipped overseas.

1 meter x 1 meter of our belongings

The prep for the move was hard, physically, mentally and emotionally. There was no storage unit to throw things into anymore. I went through a lot of self therapy during this time. (I still have the pictures of my stuff for memory sake)

Our 2 month garage sale
Due to rainy weather, we ended up with a daily indoor garage sale

Through our 2 month garage sale, I met my neighbors, shared stories and came across some amazing people, many that we now call friends.

We left our cute 1920’s Long Beach, California apartment on January 24th. We went to San Diego for a couple days, just because. The night before the flight we stayed with a family friend (and doula that helped deliver my son) in Seal Beach. We enjoyed our last evening in U.S. with friends and sushi.

A farewell dish from our local Seal Beach sushi spot “Sushi Ryokan”

The next morning we headed for one last stop at another friend’s house to pass the time before our flight out of LAX.

Then at 3:00 pm, January 28th, it all became super real.

Headed to the airport with friends following behind, we parked and hauled all our stuff to the Norwegian Airlines check in. There were hugs, tears, more hugs, more tears, then security.

Our final send off full of tears and hugs

This was our 10th flight with baby in tow, so getting through security was relatively easy at this point. We killed the extra time with some snacks and pre-flight beers and then boarded for our journey.

We sat in our seats watching the plane fill up except for the entire row behind us. Could it really be?

Yes! We had our row and the entire row behind us to use.

Overjoyed, we spread out the baby arsenal and prepared for a wonderful and spacious flight. (So we thought)

With the baby asleep right on time, we celebrated with some wine.

Baby asleep right on time with an entire row to himself.

That lasted about 60 minutes.

The rest was an eleven hour blur of tears, screaming, fighting and futile attempts of reasoning (we were desperate) with a 14 month old toddler.

We had an layover in Copenhagen that included sleep at our Airbnb. Refreshed, we headed back to airport for our 1.5 hour flight to Prague.

Daddy , baby, and a very hungry caterpillar

An easy and painless flight, we were in Prague and the in-laws were en route to pick us up.

Our first stop: Prague, Czech Republic

And so it began.

We don’t know how long we’ll be here, but we do know we’ll be out before winter 2017. (This Cali girl is completely lost in this “real weather” stuff)

Have somewhere you’d like to check out in Czech? Let us know in the comments.

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