Open Letter to Hillary​​

June 5, 2016

Dear Hillary,

You are going to be a great President.

I’ve observed you over that last 30 years, watching you through the TV lens.

I’d say you are these things: Leader. Grateful. Thankful. Humble. Smart. Seasoned. Sensible. Steadfast. Selfless. Skilled. Strong. Solid. Tough. Thoughtful. Tested. Fair. Wise.

Mostly, you get it (maybe not how to use a Blackberry), but you have an innate ability to understand details and visions.

Below, I’m listing a few reasons why I’m going to be voting for you.

You get it. The work of this wild and wonderful Nation of immigrants is uniquely forged and permanently etched in our Constitution. Our Nation re-invents itself, re-discovers itself, re-news itself; and our founding fathers anticipated change. Change is what naturally occurs. Time. Weather. Seasons. Humans. From baby, to toddler, to high-schooler, to graduate, to girlfriend to fiancé to wife then mother. And for some, Grandmother. Seasons. You get it. You are a defender of the Constitution.

You get it. You get the American Dream, the rags to riches story, the classic American success story, and the go-to-school, get-a-job, get-married, raise-a-family, support-your-faith and community, retire, travel, volunteer, celebrate holidays with your grandkids and pass down our common American values to your family story. This story — this changing, challenging, dreamlike American story has been told and retold in movies, TV shows, books, classrooms, and around the kitchen table, front porch, and backyard barbeques. Hillary, you have lived this American dream too. Through hard work and lots of focused study, you earned your degrees and then pulled up your boots (high-hills or pumps) and went to work. You became a successful attorney even while your husband was building a political career. In the White House, you held your own, you were a kind and hardworking First Lady who took her job seriously. At the same time, you continued to support your husband through those awful and humiliating days, weeks, and months. But, you did it. You stuck with your mate, like the oath you took ‘for better or for worse’ and endured hard times with dignity and grace. I am grateful to you and appreciate your living the American Dream.

You get it. Our American Story, with its riches and its sprint across the plains and mountains racing through the industrial revolution to the technical revolution, is a testament of our American story. From the plains to the Moon, and next onward to Mars. From the Bill of Rights and slavery to the Voting Rights Act to Women’s Rights to 2016’s political campaigns, our American story is still being written. You understand our common history, our mistakes, our successes. You are the perfect leader to write the next pages of our American Story.

You get it. You witnessed and lived through the rise of the Middle Class and now its demise. And you know why the middle class is crumbling. You know the depth of the American family struggle to pay bills, send kids to college, and save for retirement. A problem rooted in our American history and intertwined with the 3-legged plan for funding retirement: (1) Savings Accounts with 5% or more interest rates — Gone; (2) retirement pension plans through unions and government agencies — Nearly Gone; and (3) Social Security for retired workers — Only safety net left. It’s a tough problem. But, with your common-sense approach and problem-solving skills, you will bring together the best talent and most innovative minds for solving this complex problem.

You get it. You understand how the Financial Industry and Big-Box Stores changed our American Life and our American Character. I am confident that you will apply solutions, like those proposed by Thomas Friedman, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and others, to (1) change the financial lure of college students from majoring in finance to science, (2) end corporate-welfare so that every employee can work a 40-work week, be insured, have retirement, buy homes, and participate in the American economy as givers, not takers; and (3) stop corporate abuse of hiring only/mostly part-time workers so the corporation saves money on overtime, insurance, retirement — with Walmart and McDonalds being among the worst. offenders — leaving cities, counties, states, and the nation to pick up the social and economic tab for plundering the American economy. I love capitalism. I love free enterprise; however, unrestrained capitalism has created two Americas and will ultimately destroy America. We need our Middle Class back. I have every confidence in your ability to end this senseless opportunistic-thief of our American soul and American prosperity.

You get it. We need Smart Jobs & Smart Laws for a Smart Nation. Thank goodness you are Smart and Sensible. You know that all legislation has to be clear, simple, and straightforward. Smart Laws include Climate Change and Environmental Legislation that supports new jobs across every industry. You have wisely stated that the EPA, the Clean Air Act, and the Clean Water Act are foundational to our nation’s health and wellbeing. We cannot afford another Flint.

It’s jobs, jobs, jobs that drive the American economy. It’s education and job-training that’ll ensures our future. It’s innovation that makes a prosperous future. The Smart Nation of our future needs jobs from clean energy, technology, craftsmen jobs, trade jobs, healthcare jobs, and more. We are going to grow the American Economy with a smarter American Workforce.

As you’ve said, we are going to rebuild our bridges and highways. We are going to build the next generation of transportation systems. And we are going to Mars. With your stewardship, I’m counting on you to lead job creation that takes America into space and protects our planet, our country, and our lives.

You get it. Shared sacrifice. I know you will continue to vigorously support our military and our veterans. You have lived your life serving children, women, and as First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State, you saw the sacrifice of hundreds and thousands of men, women, and children who worked for causes great and small, served our country in peace and war, helped families and communities after natural or man-made disasters. You understand helping others is Right, is Just, is Honorable.

You get it. You know Foreign Policy like no one else. Tough. Fair. Willing to talk peace and Able to go to war.

These are some of the reasons I am voting for Hillary.

Thank you for reading this open letter.

Linda LoGrande

US Citizen/American