Broken Love

I have only been on this earth for fifteen years;

Far too long only to realize all human faults

Within the vast and delicate world that we all call love.

Sometimes a rainstorm is present in our lives,

Sometimes a beam of sunlight shines through our soul.

No matter the situation, I believe everyone can see

The array of feelings which come with our experience.

So I continue to wonder why people strive to see

Suffering. Where is the joy that sadistic life?

Nonetheless, there are some who try their best

To change

Frowns into smiles;

Tears into laughter;

Sad expressions into happy ones.

Still, though they try to complete these ambitions,

They themselves get hurt bandaging others.

However common these circumstances appear, there

Is a goodness found in all this bad;

When a pair of hearts meet,

Each with good intentions,

A love is sparked far beyond idealistic imagination.

Past wounds are healed in the instant

Of realization, that there can be a happiness

Existing among the broken.