A ready-to-use Elm Presentation to impress your colleagues

I need to introduce Elm to some colleague and I was looking for a presentation that I could recycle. A while ago I remember seeing and excellent presentation by Evan Czaplicki done using Prezi software, I assume.

Then I found Dive, a nice Elm framework made by myrtgo that simulate the Prezi presentation.

I spent couple of hours implementing a simple Elm introduction with it. I din’t have time to learn the complexity of Dive so I mainly hacked the example presentation.

Here you can find the result (click or press the left/right keys to start and navigate): https://lucamug.github.io/elm-presentation/

It would be nice to have a shared Elm presentation that anybody can use to introduce Elm with more meaningful slides and better design compared to what I have made.

Code of the presentation

The Dive framework

Video of Evan Czaplicki’s excellent presentation