Why did they Cheat?

The cold truth is that every relationship will end. Whether it’s for better or worse, or caused by death, or time; relationships are finite.

Regardless of the duration of two people’s mutual amorous interest, one very important thing that affects relationships is cheating.

Now, if you’re reading this, I assume that you’ve been in a relationship, or are currently in (a healthy) one, or you at least seek some form of companionship with another person at some point in your life, you hard guy.

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you were left holding the pieces of your heart, or you just don’t know why people in general decide to break trust and cheat, here are my three reasons why people in (serious) relationships cheat (on you)

Truth is, there’s no one reason why people cheat. I personally don’t do relationships at the moment, (yes, hard guy) so some of this doesn’t apply to me, but human relationships tend to follow patterns more than any other thing, and I’ve come to notice that there’s usually a few common range of reasons.

Here are the 3 ways I can group them:

It's you.

You stopped paying attention.
You were passive in the relationship.

Maybe you didn’t notice, but you grew lazy in loving them.

You probably abused them in one way or another or did something that shook them to their core, made them lose their sense of trust, maybe not in you, but it’s happened and they don’t care.

It’s not you.

They lied.

Said that they loved you, but they didn’t really like you like that.
Maybe they didn’t even know it at the time.

Maybe you both jumped from just going on dates to actually being in a relationship because it all just felt perfect then.

Maybe they even liked you. Even cared about you, but they didn’t consciously love you. And so they let themselves get distracted.

Maybe they’re scum and feel that all of life is some big adventure and must search out every new thrill. We call them ashawos, but maybe they just enjoy the thrill of the chase, or bucking the attention.

It’s not you; it’s them

It was never meant to be anyways.

Maybe both of you were convenient for each other at first.
One holiday season you both decided longevity = passion and decided to become an item.

Maybe there were pressures. You both had doubts /weren’t sure you wanted it, but again, convenience.

Maybe you both started out from just fucking and intimacy grew.

But it was never going to last.

Maybe one of you couldn’t tell, maybe both of you knew. Maybe none of you could’ve imagined it back then..
Now something has enraptured your partner and it’s too late because you’ve lost them, and you’re back to square one.

There's no one why.

People cheat.

Sometimes, it’s instinctive. Other times it’s a thought out response (this may even happen subconsciously)

But it is what it is.

Don’t try to find out, if you can’t handle it. Just decide what cheating means for you and apply yourself accordingly.

You only live once.