Be King Again(Fluff Drabble)(Crowley Eusford x OC)

Crowley watched her as she stood in the field of flowers with her back to him. She was wearing a long bellowing black strapless gown with a white gown on top that cinched and tied at her neck, leaving her shoulders bare. Today the front part of her hair was tied back with ribbons and flowers placed in it. The flowers were a stark white against her dark brown locks.

To him she was an angel. An angel that came to him in his darkest hours when he could no longer wear his customary smile. She was the one person that required nothing of him and he loved her for it.

Today found her singing King by Lauren Aquilina. He waited until she was almost finished before approaching her back and resting his hands on her shoulders. She tilted her head back, blue eyes watching his crimson ones for a moment, before offering him a smile which caused him to smile in turn.

She turned as he moved to embrace her, picking her up slightly so that he could nuzzle her. She was the one human who he would never drink from unless she offered herself to him first. He couldn’t bring himself to be the cause of any harm to her. She put a hand to his cheek to drag him out of his thoughts.

“Come, my King. Let’s head back”

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