You can unfriend me now!

Hard truth…

Unapologetic facts!

I was inspired by something I saw stated by Garrett White. He said, “Your results suck, because you suck. If you stop sucking, your results will too.”

I believe Henry Ford said it best, “If You Always Do What You’ve Always Done, You’ll Always Get What You’ve Always Got.

Some people get up every day and get after it.

What is “It”?

Their dreams!

The life they desire!

The job they want!

The career that inspires them every day!

What is your it?

Again, if your result suck,

it’s not the system,

it’s not the people,

YOU suck.

Once you get better, your results will follow.

Stop blaming the system.

Have you ever heard the saying you can take _______ out of ________ but you can’t take the _________ out of the __________.

I leave that blank because we have all been told some version of this.

My concerns are deeper than what has been said.

My concern is about what has been done.

As a country we have put rules in place

and policies to help; however,

nothing has changed.

It’s deeper than rules.

What I’m talking about is learned helplessnes. Reverend Ike once said, “Its not the color of your skin, it’s the color of your mind.”

That’s a very powerful statement!

It speaks to what we have inside of us.

Some people see the negative in anyone that doesn’t look just like them.

Some people see the good in everyone no matter what they look like.

My question is, what do you see?

Recently, I was watching a show to spend some quality time with my wife.

This show in particular was highlighting how a person of color was accused of a crime with no evidence.

As the story unfolded they identified that not only was the person that accused him a habitual liar, they also didn’t give the member an opportunity to give his side of the story.

This speaks to the color of your mind.

Have you counted someone out without giving them a chance?

Have you not given someone an opportunity because they are different from you?

What truly matters is the color of your mind!

We certainly have a big issue!

Are you going to be part of the solution?

I encourage you to not be part of the problem.

If you see something, say something.

Your inaction is action!

Your lack of empathy speaks volumes.

If you see something, say something.

This concept called learned helplessness can easily be explained.

Essentially it works like this…

If you have a baby elephant and you drive a stake into the ground, you can tie or chain that baby elephant to that stake.

Since the elephant isn’t strong enough to pull the stake out of the ground, it will stay within a certain perimeter.

Just as far as that chain or the rope will let it go because the stake is too heavy to take out.

So, what happens over time is that elephant gets bigger and stronger.

Somewhere along that path, somewhere along that journey of growth and strength the elephant becomes strong enough to pull that steak out of the ground and go do whatever he wants to do.

However, because when the elephant was a baby it was conditioned to believe that it wasn’t strong enough to pull the stake out of the ground and move about the world freely

It doesn’t even try.

Think about that for a second…

it’s big enough to do it,

it’s strong enough to do it,

but it doesn’t even try.

It believes that it’s not strong enough.

What is holding you back?!

Now, why am I sharing this?

If we keep telling little black kids, how the system is rigged against them.

Don’t be surprised when they grow up to believe in the failures of the system,

Even more than they believe in the greatness within themselves.

This is a hard truth.

With everything going on these days,

We have so many people telling

little black kids,

black adults,

and people of color, what they can’t do.

The system is this,

The system is that.

The statistics show this.

You can’t do that.

You’re not allowed to do this.

That is the silliest thing you can believe.

Growing up my dad wasn’t around.

Statistics state 62% of young men that are raised in single parent home end up with a juvenile record.

Well, you have a choice.

You can worry about statistics


Make your own.

Yes, there may be a little bit of truth to it, but it doesn’t mean that you’re not strong enough to overcome it.

We hear these things over and over again as children, we then embody the baby elephant.

We believe that the stake in the ground is too heavy to pull out, although we grow and we grow and become bigger and stronger human beings.

Yet, we still believe that we can’t move forward.

We’ve been conditioned to believe that this system or the government, or whoever it is, isn’t going to let us be as powerful as we want to be.

You don’t need a movement to let you know your are powerful.

You have infinite potential.

Really, if you listen closely, all you will hear is how you are a victim.

It’s crazy.

We need balance.

If we have leaders that are telling us what victims we are, we also need somebody or the same people telling us how amazing we are at the same time.

We have become conditioned to believe we are powerless.

If you are breathing you are not powerless.

I have a calling on my life,

so if they won’t do it


Listen, I have been working for a majority of my life.

I bagged groceries at the age of 14 because I wanted to buy myself nice things. My mom worked really hard and I wasn’t going to ask her to work even harder for me.

At the age of 18 I joined the military and served my country.

I started my personal business helping people in 2017.

You know what never happened?

Nobody didn’t say

I couldn’t bag groceries,

I couldn’t enlist,

I couldn’t build a business.

Has it been easy? No!

Was someone stoping me from applying for my business license?

Did someone put a block on my Facebook lives so that I couldn’t load my videos?

Was their a restriction to me starting my podcast?

Did YouTube prevent me from starting my own channel?

Was their a cap to me begin featured on Roku?

The answer is no!

You are great,

You are strong,

You can do anything!

Scripture states what’s impossible for man, is possible with God!

You have to believe!

You need to know it’s possible for you!

Take the limits off of yourself.

That fake ceiling needs to be broken.

The system isn’t against you.

Nobody needs to let you do anything.

Nobody has control over you.

Statistics are for losers.

Bob Proctor stated, you have to make a decision, stick to it and you can achieve what you desire.

The problem is in sticking to it.

If someone is to tell you 90% of businesses fail,

The question you need to ask yourself is how do the 10% succeed?

Change the way you look at things!

I know it’s hard to do when from the time your were a baby that is what you were told.

But, we need to change the narrative.

So, when you see me know this

My mind is colored for success!

How is your mind colored?


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