How To Get Back On Track + The Passionate Living Model

What happens when you are misaligned and lose sight of your goals, or even the purpose you have found and even set yourself to doing for the rest of your life?

A few days ago, I was feeling great dissonance and misalignment with my purpose.

After working so hard on L3Hub for the last ten months, I finally felt the meltdown and was burned out from the constant busyness.

As I slept through one of my weekend, at the same time feeling disappointed at myself for not being productive, a number of thoughts came and went through my head.

If they say that money will follow when we simply follow our passion and pursue our dreams, why am I facing the financial blockage and also the emotional block now?

If what I do is important, why does it feel like no one appreciate what I am doing? Why am I feeling disgruntled not only at my projects, but also my life in general?

I was quickly losing interest and motivation both at work and at L3Hub. I was running slower and slower than usual. I gained some weight despite being on a challenge to quit snacking and drinking this month. I was feeling my all-time low for this year despite being engaged and busy with many other on-going works at the same time. I find my priorities and focus slipping away.

Each day, I woke up more tired, less enthusiastic and less productive, despite resting earlier and spending less time online. I began putting off writing articles and starting on my projects.

There was a visible lack of drive in me and soon, I began to feel as though what was doing at L3Hub didn’t matter much anymore against the various disappointing results I got after committing much more time and effort to get the site running.

Coupled with the pressure to monetize my site and gain revenue from my work, my quality began to slip as I felt a dissociation with the value I was providing against the cost I needed to recover.

This was not what I wanted to feel.

Corrective Course of Action
When you are out of course, what do you do? Get yourself back on track.

As I sat down and re-looked into my purpose and goals for the year, feeling dejected, I know I have to do something about it instead of waiting for the emotional wave to pass or worse, let my passion in L3Hub die off.

At first I was lost, but as I delved deeper, I began to notice a recurring theme in my life since I learned about personal development and/or self improvement. Over the years, I had grown by leaps and bounds, my experience for each year compounding on the previous as I learned, grew and progressed amid some trips and falls.

Enter The Passionate Living Model

This step by step framework has allowed me to review, refocus and realign myself back to my purpose. And here’s how it works.

First, Identify The Below
Step 1 : What are your ‘stuck in the rut’ moments that you want to remove from your life now? What can you do about them today?
Step 2 : What are your needs, wants and desires? What are in your bucket list that you’d really want to do? 
Step 3 : List down what excites you, challenges you, grows you and what do you look forward to?

Then, Utilize the Model
Step 4 : Draw Three Circles, as above. In each of the circles, Jot down
 (i) What/Where You Aim To Be 
 (ii) What You Are Good At
 (iii) What You Enjoy Doing

Step 5 : Once you are done, Identify the Common Factors between two coinciding circles and Jot them down. 
For instance,

  • between ‘what you aim to be’ and ‘what you enjoy doing’, what can you do more to keep exploring?
  • between ‘what you enjoy doing’ and ‘what you are good at’, what can you do more to keep learning and expanding from what you are already doing?
  • between ‘what you aim to be’ and what you are good at’, what can you do more to keep growing yourself, be it in terms of building your mastery, exposure or experience?

Step 6 : From the three coinciding factors, find a common theme and/or focus that you find keep revolving and/or recurring in your life that you seem to keep going back to no matter what you do, and fill up the red centre spot.

That, will be your theme / focus in guiding your next steps forward. Does this theme/focus resonate with who you are and who you want to be?

Lastly, lay out a step by step action plan to live out your life, your way, based on the theme / focus that you have just identified for yourself and work on closing the gap. Ask yourself, what do you need to change or tweak? What do you need to improve and work on? What do you need resources or wait on, and what can you do about them now?

What I Found Out For Myself

Through revisiting my strengths, what I enjoy doing and where I aim to be, I began to see clearer the meaning of my pursuits and how I want to go about doing it.

As I filled the red focus spot for my case, I realized that I still wanted to pursue what I have been pursuing all along, but with a tweak in my vision and mission now.

For instance, my ultimate goal in health is not only to stay healthy but also be fit and toned so that I can enjoy my jogs without feeling burned out, heavy or tired. I reminisce the times when I could run as though I was flying in the air and feel exuberant, and I want to achieve that again.

As I worked on each aspects of my life that I want to improve on, I also reminded myself to be conscious that planning is just a paper exercise. Without action, they remain fruitless and futile. So I laid out a general plan and followed a backwards approach to identify what I need to do to keep on top of my health, improve my relationships, identify how much to network, work on my personal and travel goals to building my financial portfolio to listing what I need to do at L3hub to gain more exposure and influence moving forward.

After this exercise, I also realized how I was focusing too much on one area in my life that I was neglecting the other parts of my life. Hence, this model serves as a reminder and a balancing tool as well.

Time and again, we will need to review our goals and purpose so that we are constantly correcting our course to stay on the right track and that we don’t deviate too much.

As I laid out my goals and actions with more details, it also struck me that finances would and should never be intrinsic motivating goals. Money can provide us with vast opportunities and avenues to explore into things and ways that we’d never be able to when we lack the finances, but that is not what push us, that is not why we are going after the dreams or goals we pursue. It is a by-product of what comes as a result.

No matter how much you get in terms of financial compensation or reward, if you don’t enjoy your job even when you’re earning five or six figure a month, you will still feel out-of-sync with what you’re doing. However, when you feel deep interest and are passionate towards what you do or pursue, you’d do it even if it’s for free.

Consider this: Money has always been the focus and topic for many; Putting it aside, if money is no longer an issue, would you still do what you do or would you choose to pursue your dreams full ahead? If your choice is the former, great for you! If not, I’d strongly recommend you to start working towards freeing yourself from the jail term you sentenced yourself.

Our Time Is Limited

Life is fragile and precious yet so amazing and magnificent.

Each of us have our own route to choose and journey to take. We may not live to 80, but even if we do, by then we’d be so tired out and left with so little vigour as compared to what we can do today.

Then again, we may leave anytime, as I have seen and felt from many around me. While it may seem like wasted efforts if we leave this world in the middle of something we wanted to build and leave behind for when we’re no longer here, if you’ve never started who’d have known you had this dream all this while or help you complete it? Who knows you will be the one to leave the legacy behind?

Pursuing what you dream and desire, and doing what you are passionate about is not only for yourself but also for many others who perhaps don’t even know that the solution they have been waiting for could come from you or for you to make the difference.

Look beyond the finances, feel beyond the fear of pursuing what you want, think beyond small mediocre goals, what do you feel?

What will you achieve? Nobody knows and you won’t know until you go and do it.
What if you are not able to do or change anything now? The only advice I can give you: start small.

A little action a day makes a huge difference a year later, but until you start, you’ll never see progress.

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