Android — Implementing Deferred Deep linking for continuous user experience

Normally, when user has the app installed, clicking on a link will deep link them to the specific activity. Now, let’s say the app is not installed, and the user clicked on the link. What should the behaviour be ?

So here’s a solution..

Deferred deep linking

  1. An app store to open to enable the end-user to install the linked-to app
  2. Once the app is installed, the link is invoked with its original URL and parameters so that the newly installed app can handle the invocation.

Implementing this in android is simple. .

Step 1. Create a receiver responsible for handling installed events

Step 2. Add receiver to your manifest

1. Make your installed app smaller size for faster download 
2. To create your deferred deep linking url after install. Here is the tool

( you have to scroll down to see it )

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