L4 and Celer are excited to announce that we are collaborating on the development of open-source state channels technology. After several months of informal collaboration and exchanging ideas, we’re excited to begin working more closely together. Over the next several months, we hope to achieve many shared goals:

  • Learn from each other’s contrasting design decisions in our separate codebases.
  • Develop shared standards for encoding off-chain state, connecting generalized state channels into networks, developer interfaces, and more.
  • Collaborate on cutting-edge research, including zero-knowledge state channel designs, formal verification of generalized state channel models, and more.

Why work together?

L4 is helping…

L4 Ventures and Richard Moore are proud to announce the most recent version of ethers.js, a feature-complete library for ethereum applications. Ethers.js has every feature available in web3 (and more!), has been in active development for +2 years, includes extensive test-cases, and is entirely MIT licensed.

In short, ethers.js is an alternative to web3, the most commonly used library for ethereum applications. We are committed to ensuring the continued development of this library and its related suite of open-source development tools, and will be hosting each stable release of these code-bases on our L4 github account.

What makes ethers.js great:

  1. ENS names are first-class…


We're building Web 3.

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