Chief Justice Roberts Left Something Unsaid To Young Men — And That Says A Lot
Alaura Weaver

To think that the Chief Justice delivered this speech is disappointing. An intelligent person does not have to experience a situation to have knowledge. Thinking people can learn in the abstract. This was a juvenile speech directed at young men who should have more than average intelligent since they are the privileged. If the Chief Justice really believes his words. his privilege and opportunities have taught him nothing about life. Maybe that is why his decisions have no North Star. He has no real convictions. As to the author of the column who feels he should have taken the opportunity to advance women, it is women who have made the beds they lie in. Women have abdicated their morals in favor of what they believe to be “equality”. They have become like the worst of men. They are no longer the backbone of the family. They have become selfish, narcissistic, immorals who have abdicated their place in the universe. Women are no longer humans to be admired but have become the worst of men. To believe that the world would be a better place if women had more power is as shallow as thinking humans have ultimate knowledge. You do not have to be religious to understand that there is a higher power than humans for the universe to exist. When we have leaders who are as shallow as Justice Roberts and as narcissistic as narrow minded “liberal” thinkers, there is little hope for this world. Long gone are the good men and women and in their place remain only narcissists.

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