China quest to become a 21st century Superpower to solving the World’s economic problems has taken a GIANT LEAP forward!

As of this morning despite Washington’s opposition, Germany, France and Italy intend to join a China-led international development bank as founding members of an institution that aims to finance infrastructure projects in Asia. China looks to help EU banks get back on track. China has even assume a lot of our National Debt by buying bonds in our country banking system. Napoleon Bonaparte once said of China, “Let her sleep, for when she wakes, she will shake the world.” A spate of articles and books has appeared on the rise of China and its possible domination of the world. The Middle Kingdom has received special attention because it is ideologically and culturally different from the West. China’s nine percent economic growth rate since 1990 has enabled it to expand its sphere of influence and gain ground not only in Asia but also in Africa and South America. This influence will probably continue to grow in the future. In Central Asia, China has invested billions of dollars in oil and natural gas companies to secure its long-term energy demands. China is making large investments in South America as well — America’s own backyard.
 China, despite many U.S. Economists belief, is RE-emerging as a Giant it once was centuries ago as an economic and military leader on the world stage. Although they still have internal political problems to iron out, China still must deal with an aging population, gender imbalance produced by its one-child policy; its water shortage problem and pollution. Once those issues are addressed, Western civilization better beware. Author Martin Jacques, a British journalist who wrote “When China Rules the World: The End of the Western World and the Birth of a New World Order” painted a grim premonition for America’s Superpower status. “the present structure of the world order will eventually be reconfigured. In reality, China is not rising but, it is returning to the position of regional preeminence that it once held. Indeed, China dominated that region for centuries”. Among those who argue China will rule the world in the near future. Make you wonder, with our GROWING National Debt @ $17,000,000,000,000+ and China continue to buy bonds into our country, as well in other countries, China is the preferred partner of many governments in Africa and is becoming the largest trading partner of Brazil and South Africa — both rising economic giants. how long can America continue to hold its positioning as the LONE SUPERPOWER??? only time will tell. 6th Century B.C. Chinese emperor & philosopher Wei Sun Tzu methodology on gambling for the future “Avoiding the big bets on an uncertain outcome, but placing a lot of little bets on the most probable outcomes.” Uhh-Ohh!

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