Wake up 2 this, Gotta Small-Bizness or Free Tyme & Wanna Make sum $$..Social Media can BLOW YOU UP!!

When it comes to social media, everyone wants in on the action. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google Plus are all highly active social media networks. Not to mention the countle$$ other little sites on the web today. Everyone wants to gain social media recognition for their bizne$$

U can have ur Social Media Bizne$$ like BK (Burger King), YOUR WAY!!!

Having a EXPLOSIVE social media presence can help your business grow like a Social Disease thru a community without using protection. OK that was crass, but you get the point, this will only happen after you develop a large following and learn how to give them what they really want..Heck it worked with Sex in the sixties, Crack in the eighties! Here are some great ways any business owner or marketer can increase their social media presence & help their business grow.

Some RULES 2 da Game Yo’! Funny Thing Only 20% is Self-promotion….Tell dat to the Kardashians!!! (BIGGIE’s RIP voice) I’ve been in dis game 4 months, its made me an animal; There’s Rules 2 dis BLEEP, I wrote me a manual! A Step-by-Step Booklet 4 U 2 get ur Game on Track, not your Wig pushed Back! Sorry, it’s NOT as dangerous as hustlin’ Crack, but you get the jist.

1) Identify dem Goals’n Objectives-Know the 5 W’s you’re going after B4 U start POSTING! Know your points, how to be effectively reached & relating those objectives..

2) Connect with your Audience!!!-Like GREAT Customer Service, Don’t just give LINKS…informed them dat there’s a HUMAN behind whut’s been sold!

3) Understand THERE NEEDS!!!-(Laffin’) This reminds me of Sumthin’…forget it Let’s keep it clean!! Gettin’ INTIMATE wit your buyers…audience. Knowin’ their likes, disappointments, beliefs & being to connect with dem. By doing this, you KNOW how 2 ATTRACT dem to you site

4) Create Easy ICONS 2 find you!-Simple don’t make a challenge to track you down or what you’re selling

5) Link Dat Social Media Profile (Fb, Ig, Twit..etc) 2 your Site-this ain’t HOOK’d ON Phonics, let’em know about your bizne$$$

6) SHARE wit EVERYONE-Word of Mouf is one of the MOST powerful ways to push what your $elling

7) Integrate your Strategy-Create & Organize a Marketing Calender. Blog post; Meetings; Updates of upcoming events!

8) Produce Valuable Content-It showcases your bizne$$, which in turn bring in more customers..which translates N2 Mo’ $$

9) Keep up what your customers are posting-Stayin’ interactive on SM about their thoughts, concerns & insights keep’em coming back for more

10) Use keywords & Hashtags OFTEN!!-It brings more to ppl 2 your site!! DONT REALLY KNOW WHY, IT JUST DUZ!! Keywords-Chopdubeeus hashtag#DarkhorseWire&Cable 4 example

Well you have it! Tyme to play yaw!

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