HTTP Status as a Service: A quick and (maybe) dumb idea

Lee Gillentine
1 min readJun 5, 2018


A micro-product to solve my own problem is a simple product I built to solve a problem I was having while running some automated headless browser tests. I was also looking to have some fun with CSS Grid and building a product landing page.

The problem: In my test environment, I’m making http requests to urls based on data from Faker. Imagine a profile page that displays a profile picture based on an email address — like <img src=""/>.

When your automated browser hits that page, you obviously don’t want it to make a request to With, you can prepend that url and get back a simple 200. It can look like this: <img src= "" />. Now your automated tests won’t be littering logs on 3rd party URLs.

On-demand HTTP status codes might also be useful when rapidly prototyping an API or testing out responses to different HTTPs statuses. supports blindly returning a variety of status codes, including 201, 404, 422, and 500.

Is this useful to anyone else? Let me know in the comments!