A Fairy’s Tale

Once upon a time in Green White Green land, there lived a little fairy. She had short, black, woolly hair and small, dark eyes.

Our fairy was a commoner who worked in the swamp and she was responsible for the swamp flora and fauna, even the icky ones that made her want to puke out her little fairy guts.

Our fairy was called Gula. Everyone thought it was an ugly name and they were right. Gula was a depressed fairy who didn’t have access to most of the opportunities open to most fairies in her class.

She couldn’t go to fairy school and hone her skills so she would finally be able to join the woodland fairies who tended to pretty woodland animals and trees. This was her ultimate goal.

You see, fairies live forever (most of the time) but once they do not learn to hone their skills in their youth, they lose the opportunity forever and are stuck doing basic things.

The most skillful fairies were also the most beautiful and the most respected and loved. No one likes an ugly fairy, not even humans. Humans make them out to be villains.

Gula did not want to end up like this. She had dreams of breaking away and exploring all of her talents, leaving Green White Green land, meeting a handsome fairy artist and making the world a beautiful place.

So one day, Gula did not report to work. Her mean wart-faced fairy boss was livid. Gula packed her measly belongings and headed to the fairy school. She transformed herself into a little ladybug and perched under a large leaf. when class was over she transformed back into a fairy and practised all she had learned.

She did this every day for 10 fairy years and soon enough, she was the most accomplished fairy in all of Green White Green and no one knew how she became so.

Gula declined all offers to sing, dance, tend to the pretty flowers and animals, draw and even an offer to marry the fairy prince. Instead, she travelled out of Green White Green (the first fairy to ever do so).

She found herself in Blue Red land. A land famous for its talented bohemian fairies. Gula established a little community of fairies in Blue Red land and taught them all she knew. She called them the Gula Tribe. They became so famous, even the “sensitive” humans knew of them.

Gula realised years later that she had accomplished much more than she ever dreamed of simply because she dared to be different.

The end.

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