Current News Assignment: Sports

Bill Belichick has ‘a lot of respect’ for ‘very talented’ Dolphins

Belichick takes a stand for the Dolphins’ team and really speaks high about them. He defends them by bragging about how well they play as a team together. They remain undefeated against Campbell, while having good defense.

Swaggy P dressed as God’s gift to women for a Halloween Party

Laker’s guard Nick Young, aka “Swaggy P” wanted to have an unique costume, so he wanted to dressed as a gift to women. Although, he is engaged, she seemed to be fine with it. This brought out his high confidence in himself.

Jaguars manage rare accomplishment in win over Bills

Jaguar made a record of beating The Bills 34–31 on Sunday. In the midst of breaking their four-game losing streak, they also were the first in three seasons to score touchdowns four different ways. No other team accomplished this since 2012 by the Seahawks.