Current News Assignment: Weird/Unusual

Beatboxer uses a McDonald’s Cup & Straw to Play dubstep tune — You’ll be lovin’ it

A guy named Parker Kane uses his beatboxing talents to throw down some beats by only using a McDonald’s cup and straw. He blows into the straw controlling the volume and pitch perfectly. His video then become a viral hit all over social media reaching 400,000 views.

Man’s hairline crawling with thousands of HEAD LICE

As disgusting as it looks and sounds, it is a true story. A poor man suffers from having a severe case of head lice. His head is red and raw from all the lice crawling on his scalp. Unfortunately, he left this infestation untreated for too long so it resulted in this.

Tiny Dog Chases Away Three Bears

An owner’s pet dog chased three bears away who had gotten into a their garden in California. While the dog was barking and chasing after them, one of the bears happened to jump over the fence and escape. The owner was actually proud of the dog but was also very shocked.

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