8 Tips that can help you prolong your hair color

You’ve just had your hair colored, and the first thing that you want is to make the color last! Here are some tips and advice to help you protect and prolong your hair color.

Tips that can help you prolong your hair color

  1. Avoid frequently wetting the hair. Reducing the frequency of shampoos can help the color from diffusing out of the hair. Using a dry shampoo can prolong the days between shampoos. Use a swim cap in the pool.
  2. Avoid harsh shampoos or those that have sodium lauryl sulfate. Those shampoos won’t strip the color but will strip the conditioning layers and oils that block the color from coming out. Use color safe shampoos.

3. Always oil or condition the hair after shampoo. This helps to keep the cuticles smooth and prevent damage during combing and styling. Keeping the cuticles healthy is a priority since they act as gatekeepers to the hair dyes in the hair. Using leave-in conditioners can also help further.

4. Be gentle with the hair during lathering and detangling, again to prevent the cuticles from further damage.

5. Avoid heat drying if you can, or protect the hair with a thermal protection or styling products prior to styling. The heat doesn’t affect the color, but contributes to cuticle damage.

6. Avoid other chemical processes. This is probably the most important point if you want to keep your cuticles at all. Hair perms or bleaching for example can remove the cuticles.

Example of hair cuticles damaged from chemical treatments.

7. Cover your hair when in the sun. While many of us use sunscreen for our skin, there is unfortunately no real way to protect the hair from those rays except from covering your head with a hat and avoiding prolonged exposure in the sun. Some hair products might claim adding SPF’s to protect hair from UV damage but their efficacy is to be debated: How much should you use in order to really coat every fiber and see a benefit?

8. Wear shades with less red. This is not ideal, but like I discussed before in my previous article, darker shades tend to fade more because they have more red dyes which are quick to leave the hair. Shades that are less rich in red will last longer.

Hair color maintenance requires diligence and following these tips can save you several trips to the hair salon!

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Originally published at hairmomentum.com on October 17, 2015.

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