Monday Check In!
Ester Bloom

I estimated $115. In reality:

$31.75 at CVS (RX, water, and makeup because I keep losing my powder).

$7.12 at chick fil a (and I got a free chocolate shake!)

$50 for the shuttle from Fontana Dam to Nantahala Outdoor Center (Andrea from The Hike Inn was delightful)

Then three days wandering in the woods! I met two SOBO thru-hikers on Saturday, and I might meet up with one of them in two weeks since the snow forced him off part of the smokies and that’s my next section (spring break!). Got a free beer from a firefighter staying at the Fontana dam shelter (I did a 22 mile day Saturday so I’d be at my car and wouldn’t have to rush to make it back to a heat transfer review session at school Sunday).

Sunday was $5.11 at McDonald’s and $6.57 at backyard burger.

Total: $100.55! Not bad!

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