The Room Where it Happens
Meghan Nesmith

I guess I’m different from some other commenters, because I definitely have a room. But I’m just starting out in my career (I technically haven’t even started! I’m a super special intern, basically!) so I don’t really know what the room is, or who’s in it, but I know I’ll be in it. Soon.

I have an outside work room, too. I’m an ambitious person, what can I say? I like to make stuff happen, and if I’m not the one making it happen, I want to be there when it does happen. Basically, there’s a hiking community on Instagram, and I’m slowly inching my way in to it. It’ll take a long time, because I’m not a thru-hiker, but I’ll get there. I want to be in that group of people who are known for being badass hikers.

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