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You need to understand the background of IHTM on xoJane, I think. The readers there have been so jerked around by poorly written stories and by Jane herself that most stories are not going to be well-received. Not at this point. The entire website is a little soured and if you didn’t know that going in then you didn’t do your research on tone of the community. It’s been that way for a few years now (I’d say since the Cat Marnell debacle, but I’d be hard pressed to pinpoint an IHTM that turned the tide. It’s been a while since I read xoJane).

XoJane will let anyone pitch them, and they will publish pretty much anything, and they don’t do a lot of editing. You’re going to get a much more suspicious commentariat there than other places. I’m sorry that was such a surprise to you.

I didn’t read your piece, so I can’t say why they commented the way they commented, but the fact that you don’t understand why anyone would comment on something outside of Facebook probably doesn’t help you much. Those are tightknit communities and people get a lot out of it. Maybe try understanding your audience more before you publish next time.

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