Top 6 Must Cook Thai Dishes

Are you a Thai food lover? Or you have a new Thai friend that you have invited to the dinner? Or maybe you are on a roll out to try different cuisines from around the world? Or you are just bored of eating out at Thai town in Los Angeles and want to try something cooked from your kitchen?

Whatever the reason is, Thai cuisines are one of the lightest, aromatic, and nutritious cuisines in the world with their peculiar taste and strong fragrances. Not only Thai food is good for eating, but it is also good for cooking because of quick recipes and short cooking time. So, when you decide to go for a Thai cooking adventure, the first thing you will need is to find authentic Thai Food Products in Los Angeles. Because, without the right ingredient, the Thai dishes lose their aroma and unique flavors.

So, here are the top six must cook Thai dishes that you should try this winter.

1- Tom Yum Goong

It is one of the finest delicacies from Thailand, and it is a must try shrimp soup for winters. A combination of chicken, beef, prawns, and most importantly shrimp with a strong flavor of lemongrass, chilies, and lime leaves, it has a unique tangy and spice taste. The soup can be prepared in less than hour as the cooking time is under half an hour.

Once the soup is ready, you can consume the green leafy products, or you can avoid them while eating because they are mainly added for flavor.

2- Tom Kha Kai

If you are into Thai cuisine, you would probably know that coconut is a part of many Thai dishes along with its frequent raw consumption in Thai culture. The Tom Kha Kai is the different chicken soup in coconut milk with a balanced sour and spicy flavor. Prepared with coconut milk, lemongrass, mushroom and lime juice, you can cook Tom Kha Kai soup in under 30 minutes when your guests are arriving at short notice.

However, for the best results and authentic taste, you must buy your ingredients from an authentic Thai store that sells Thai Food Products in Los Angeles. Instead of using the coconut milk available off the shelf in supermarkets, you must purchase it from a Thai products store.

3- Pad Thai

Pad Thai is one of the most famous street food in Thailand, and its origin goes back to half a century. However, from where it became Thai is still contested, and some believe that it came from Vietnam. It is now one of the national foods of Thailand, and it is part of the Thai menu worldwide. It’s aroma, texture, quick cooking time, and taste made it one of the most tried and tested Thai dish. So, it is good to get a hands-on experience in cooking this Thai dish. These crunchy noodles with prawns, chicken, and bean sprouts will fill your kitchen with the strong aroma and will make your mouth water.

4- Kao Phad (Stir Fried Rice)

If you want to try a simple yet authentic Thai dish, Kao Phad is the answer. As simple as cooked with only onions, stir-fried rice, herbs, and a seasoning of cucumber or leafy vegetables, Kao Phad can be a good side dish or can be complemented with any meat or seafood. You can also add green peas and carrots if you want to add flavor in Kao Phad. The cooking time for this dish is just 45 minutes.

5- Gaeng Daeng (Red Curry)

If you have tried Thai cuisine, you must already know the quintessential Gaeng Daeng or Red Curry. It makes one of the most ordered dishes on the Thai menu. Cooked in coconut milk with meat and herbs, you should ensure that you buy Thai Food Products in Los Angeles beforehand, so that your cooking is in time and right in taste.