My sex friend at the time, went on vacation; I found out that he was leaving by accident. I immediately got jealous that he had left.
He was gonna make women fall for him wherever he was going, and I was here like a fish out of water.

I was home alone reading other women’s post and I envied them because I hadn’t had a ‘good piece’ in a while.
On that night I couldn’t sleep when all of a sudden a guy came talking to me on this dating sitewhere I had signed up.

It was 3 in the morning

I took him for a bad boy, he was wearing a hat and seemed soo … how should I put it? anyways, I went on looking at his other pictures and I discovered a man who takes care of himself, sexy and all. where was he from? I had no idea.

I started speaking to him without much interest. He then asked me what I was looking for on this dating site, to tell you the truth I was tired of saying that I was looking for love, it seemed childish and desperate in my opinion. So I told him that I was looking for a relationship where I would be able to have fun and enjoy myself with a respectful partner.

The guy replied: FINALLLLLYYYYYYYY!!!! DAMNNNNN!!! A girl who is not afraid to be open about what she wants.

I laughed and was now feeling more at ease talking to this weird bad boy.

I went on looking at his pictures on the dating site, on Facebook… and to my pleasant surprise I noticed that he has tattoos all over. On his shoulder, on his back, on his thigh, on his sides, on his neck…. I don’t know why and I hate to admit it… but I am overjoyed when I see a man with tattoos. Go figure…

It’s 4 in the morning, and I decided that I wanted to hear his voice.

I asked him for his number which he gave me right away.

I called him and to my surprise, he has a sexy deep voice, contrary to what I was thinking.
He made fun of me and said: You wanted to hear my voice so you can find out if I was an uneducated gangster?
I remained silent. Finally he is not a bad boy.

We spoke and I found out that he is from Venezuela. I couldn’t help but think that he was hot as hell. At that moment, he admits that his last girlfriend was a West-Indian woman like me, with whom he spent about ten years.

It’s 5 in the morning…

He talks about everything and anything. We spoke about Martinique, the beaches located in the south of the island, civil servants and the békés. We went on talking about the island of Guadeloupe and Pointe-à-Pitre, Gotham city, Boissard and drug dealers, not forgetting a local dish called Bokit, a full house (complete) Bokit to be more precise! After that, we ended up talking about Gay marriages and even about the LKP movement. The guy wasn’t even from the Caribbean but I felt like I was speaking to one. He even spoke creole, when I spoke to him in creole he replied in creole…

It’s 7 in the morning

We were tired and he said: I don’t want to hang up, the conversation is enjoyable and I have a feeling that it can become even more… but if you want too… hang up.
I didn’t hang up, I wanted to stay with him. So, we kept talking about his family, he recited the our father prayer in Spanish and I did the same in french, we laughed…

It’s 7:30 in the morning

Don’t ask me how it happened, all I know is that these words proceeded out of his mouth: Me spreading your legs, slowly going towards your pussy, to lick it thoroughly. I died, yes, at that moment I literally died on the phone. He was messing with my emotions…. ‘Hello, hello? Are you alive?’ We went on teasing each other. He asked me if our game was turning me on… In order to check if I was aroused, he asked me to slide one finger in my panties. He said: ‘I am waiting’. Therefore, I put my finger in my panties and … shame on me, I got carried away. I began playing with myself on the phone while he was waiting. He said to me: ‘You are pleasing yourself I see?’. And I admitted to him that I was.
At that moment, he said: ‘ There is a solution to all of this. if you want but only if you really want too, you can tell me, darling, I’d like you to come over right now, I want you to spread my legs open and stick your head in there to lick my pussy‘.

I lost it. He said exactly what I wanted him to say.

He asked me again, and I told him: ‘ I want you to come over, I want you to lick me, I want to suck you, I want to make love to you, I want you, and I want you right now’.

He answered: ‘ I’m coming, give me some time to get ready and I’ll be there’.

It’s 8 O’clock

I’m overcome by panic. I don’t know what to wear. A panty? A dress with no underwear? A g-string? No g-string? Naked?
OMG! my body is gross, too big and my belly… I’m not feeling it. Finally I put on something sexyand nasty, through which I could see my cellulite in the sun light. It’s amazing how the light can make you unsure of yourself. Then I thought it will happen however it has to happen. If he doesn’t get aroused by me, too bad, someone else will.

I wore a brand new set, one that I bought for the guy that went on vacation without telling me anything. No man is an island so the one who was away had to be punished.

He arrived at my house around 10 O’clock

When he walked through the door, he was more handsome in person, sexier and more desirablethan on the pictures. Let’s not talk about his tattoos… I was daydreaming, he was sexy like the devil.

We kissed by the door. His tongue, his smell, everything was good about him. He smiled and told me: ‘ you look even better than on the pictures’. My heart went right back down to my panties. I lied down on the bed with my g-string on, there was a little bow on it. He stared at me from head to toes and said: ‘ my goodness, what an ass you got there!’… My heart was racing in my panties. He started caressing every inch of my body. At that moment, i made a comment about my body saying, ‘ This Caribbean woman is a fatty!’ While smiling, he answered and said: ‘Thank God!’

I nearly lost my mind.

And there, he spread my legs, watched me, smiled and dived in that pussy, tongue and everything. I screamed, I tossed my pillows. He inserted his fingers and began finger fucking me from the front, from the back and licking me over again. I screamed, I screamed so much!
I sat on his face, I thought I was gonna die. He was lying down with his eyes closed taking pleasure in giving me pleasure. He then watched me and said : ‘ I just came to lick you, I’m leaving afterwards’.

I lost it again, so I grabbed him and brought him closer to me. He started kissing me, caressing my breast, touching my body, penetrating me with his fingers and biting me. We went on doing that for a while, when my body started convulsing. I then laid on him, as my body shook and shivered like a leaf, he went on kissing me and still my body was shaking and I didn’t know why. He was hugging me tight and I felt, oh so comfortable.

At one point, he was kissing my legs, I was convulsing, then he made his way down to my ankle… then to my feet which he licked, I was aroused. He sucked one of my toes, then two , then three and all of them were in his mouth, I screamed…

I moaned with pleasure, it was unbelievable. All my toes were in his mouth and I felt I had no control over my body.

He kept kissing and penetrating me with his fingers.

He smacked my ass, once, twice… ten times.

I gave him heads like never before. I heard him tell me : ‘I don’t know what you’re doing but keep going, it’s awesome‘.

He moaned while he was cumming and told me that i was driving him crazy. Me, my mind was long gone.

We fell asleep cuddling, one minute his hand was on my thigh then on my butt. My mouth was against his skin and his tattoos, smelling the sweet aroma of sex.

When we woke up, we started all over again… at one point i was on him, then we moved to the bathroom, he put me against the wall and knelt down to lick my pussy. His dick was so good, so big, I felt like I was loosing my mind, and even while writing this I’m still loosing my mind.

There came a time when he squeezed my finger between his thumb finger and his ring finger. It was hurting but yet still enjoyable so i moaned. he smiled and asked me, if I liked it. I said yes and he said he would try it with another finger and I should tell him what I’m feeling. So he squeezed my pinky even harder. I moaned for pain and pleasure. He smiled and said: ‘ hmmm… I think you just discovered your masochist side’. ‘I’m Saddie and you’re May (Sado-Maso) that’s great.’
He went on asking me questions about what men had already done to me sexually, he asked me if someone had already hit on my breasts?
I said no and he asked if he could try, i said yes, so he hit my breasts. I felt so much pleasure. He smiled, kissed me, caressed me and whispered sweet things to me as we carried on making love.

7pm, before leaving, we put on a song that we both liked, called Sodade de Césaria Evora.

We parted ways while listening to this song, one thing for sure i will never listen to Césaria Evora the same way.