Spot on LORD Dennis. You’re very perceptive. Great reading comprehension.
Jim D

No, seriously. This is the same shit Sam Jackson was trying to pull on Daniel Kaluuya. Talking about Daniel not being black enough for him to be on “Get Out” because he is British. You say the Oscars so white but what you really mean is, if its to be black, it has to be african american. Can’t have other black people. Your ancestors were not the only slaves. Every colony in Africa was in slavery mode untill ‘they’ left. When Forest Whitaker play Idi Amin, Ugandans were excited cuz nobody has time to tell the difference in the blackness. So, Nigerian or whatever, she’s got the black experience either you like or not. Come to Europe, anywhere in Europe and lets see if you both won’t get the same “Black experience”

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