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As the reactions to FaceApp have escalated in the media over the past few days, I’ve wanted to share a few comments and clarifications, written with my “lawyer” hat on.

Many sources have been claiming, in no specific order, that FaceApp pulls all of your photos from your camera roll, even when you delete it, shares them with the Russian government, and denies you any right to deletion. I’m surprised to see the outrage at the app’s terms and conditions when FaceApp isn’t that special. In fact, you would probably find the same or similar terms in every viral app…

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Photo by inanc avadit on Unsplash

Snips VP of Legal Marion Bergeret and CTO Joseph Dureau untangle some of the most widely-made claims about voice assistants, privacy, performance, and security.

Nearly a year into the GDPR’s debut, we’re analyzing some of the foundational claims made by cloud-based voice assistant companies along four dimensions: performance, trust, security, and privacy. In so doing, we’ll arm you with the logical tools to dispel the most commonly held misconceptions about the need for cloud-based voice recognition technology, and to demonstrate the power of edge computing and value of Privacy by Design.

Read the full post on the Snips Blog.

Last night I watched a couple hours of Mark Zuckerberg’s hearing at the US Senate. There is a lot to say about it, so many different questions were raised and I could have commented on each of his answers on so many levels. But there’s a point my legal mind really wanted to make — call it legalistic, I hope it’s of interest to a few of you.

It struck me that I could try to convey a more legally-substantiated framework in which to read the currently-developing events, as someone who has been studying and practicing data protection law and…

Marion Bergeret

Tech & Privacy | Legal @Alan (ex @Snips @Sonos @BakerMcKenzie) | Fulbright & Samuelson Law Tech & Public Policy Clinic @Berkeley @Oxford @LeWagon

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