My Experience at Top Chef

I had never cooked back home in India. I came to the US in August 2006, to do my Masters from Northeastern University, Boston. I stayed with room mates and we had decided to cook at home…and that is how my cooking experience began. From cooking something that was basic and edible, I slowly started liking cooking and exploring new recipes. Cooking is now my hobby (time permitting), and taking pictures and writing blogs go with it.

Last month, my friends and I took part in a Top Chef Competition.

There were 3 judges and 8 chefs (single or as a team). It was a fun experience.

The yummy food, the Judges with their witty remarks and serious judging attitude — it felt like a real reality show :)

I took pictures and videos to ‘cover’ the event.


KK (Kunal Kirtikar/Kookie) — a former Indian Cricket Player who now owns a restaurant

Mahalakshmi (Shikha Zaveri) — former Miss India

Chef Pablo (Vikram Joshi) — From Thailand, owns a restaurant and is currently dating Mahalakshmi

Sharing some of the recipes from the evening:

  1. Choc-O-Marie

2. Mexi-Puri

3. Cawl-it-Fritter

4. Asian Spicy and Sweet Paner

5. Cheesy Pull-Apart Bread