I updated all of my accounts and information on LinkedIn, Indeed, and Monster, reasoning that recruiters might contact you through these platforms. These are the only 3 platforms I used during my job search.
From Carpenter to Front End Developer in under 5 months
Andrew Charlebois

Also, www.dice.com, and www.ziprecruiter.com.

Advice for job seekers:

  • Don’t go around registering on every job website you find! Because there is a database on which all of them are connected to. You will see that many people will contact you offering you the same job.
  • Recruiters don’t work for me but if you try one, and they ask you for an interview try to do Skype instead of driving to their office, you’ll save lots of gas.
  • Also, don’t use your personal email, create one for this purpose. Easily you can get looooooots of email and calls from other states asking you to relocate. Personally, I receive around 50 emails and 7 or 8 phone calls from other states daily, which can be annoying.
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