Almost all students at ELAM attend for free, either through grants from the Cuban government or else paid by their home governments.
Can Cuban Medicine Help Solve American Inequality?
Sam Loewenberg

Ok, education in Cuba is not free! When you attend to a university, Tech school, etc. you don’t pay “until” you graduate. After that you have to do something they call “Servicio Social” or Social Service that usually is in the mountains where there is no electricity or running water. If you are a doctor, teacher or what ever, the government send you there. If you don’t do S.S. they don’t give you the diploma. S.S. usually last two years, depending on your degree. Else, if you decide to leave the country for any reason, the government won’t let you go. Is it free? Don’t think so!

I was born and live my teenage years in Cuba, at “El Cerro”, know that hospital and I’ve been there. I didn’t learn this from a book or at a Bernie Sanders rally.