Gold In Track & Field for Canada — A First for A Male Since Atlanta in 1996

High Jumper Derek Drouin is now a world and Olympic champion

Canadian high jumper Derek Drouin told the press this week that following his bronze medal at the last Olympic Games in London, his objective for the next 4 years was to win gold in Rio. Mission Accomplished!

Since London, here’s a look at some of Drouin’s performances:

2013 — Jeux de la Francophonie in Nice, France: GOLD
2014 — Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland: GOLD
2015 — PanAm Games in Toronto, Canada: GOLD
2015 — World Championships in Beijing, China: GOLD

Social media in Canada was ready for him to bring home the Olympic gold this year, and he delivered in impressive fashion. Drouin hadn’t missed a jump when he won the gold.

The reaction of the Olympic champion on Twitter after a few days of reflection

Drouin’s winning jump of 2.38m was not a world or Olympic record, but was enough for gold this time around. That’s 7 feet 10 inches! Just to give you an idea of how impressive that is, take a look at this video from MacLean’s comparing an average person’s abilities to what these Olympians are doing.

After Drouin won gold in Rio, Canadians took to Twitter and here are some stats from the conversation on social media about Drouin’s big win.

Top 10 hashtags (and number of occurrences):

#rio2016 (7426)
#gold (6845)
#can (6066)
#olympics (3166)
#teamcanada (1649)
#athletics (976)
#highjump (656)
#drouin (511)
#breaking (390)
#canada (307)

This tweet from the Canadian Olympic Team was the most retweeted of all tweets on this subject:

Men were slightly more active (54%) in the Twitter conversation than women (46%):

And a huge 86% of tweets in this conversation came from people aged 27 or younger:

Overall, more than 30,000 tweets were posted about Drouin’s amazing performance in Rio. When we drill deeper into social media data we see some people who follow the high jump more closely talking about Drouin’s unconventional jumping style. That conversation is shown in the Lexical map below, the dots that are not blue show that some influencers think he could revolutionize the sport:

You can see the medal winning performance and learn more about what is so special about Drouin’s technique in this time from the CBC.