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I started out on this purely as a follow-up to Brandon Anderson’s congrats to you two morons for winning PotM (Podcasters of the Madness), adding it to other trophies on your TT’d up 2017 shelf, up there with:

CBB PotY (Podcast of the Year);

All-American Sportsball PotY (The only sportsball podcasts that compete with T’d Up are UK soccerpods, eg. Men In Blazers, Guardian’s Football Weekly; Pardon My Take is too diffuse — T’d Up has FOCUS!);

Tait as HoSPotY (Heels on Sleeve Podcaster otY );

Tait as GBoty (George Burns to Titus’ Gracie Allen — highest possible praise for straight men, a step up from both the Dick Smothers & the Bud Abbott).

Titus as CBB Online CotY (Coach otY — Yes He Quesne!); and

in an unprecedented double, Titus as CBB SFotY (Stealth Fan otY).

Plus, Titus just missed the vaunted triple, as first runner-up to Gonzaga’s Rem Bakamus as CTofY (Club Trillionaire of the year … and if for any reason Rem is unable to serve …).

But then I read the REST of the comments on this thread, and, man: they’re all good. Congrats all around, thread-mates — great execution!

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