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Man, that clearly exceeded any expectation any of us might reasonably have had for a SoOSUbbp address from Titus. This strong podcast actually creates a new form of art: the Thoda — the ode to Thad Matta. We could actually smell Norway in the burning timbers of the Viking vessel as it carried Coach out to sea.

I’ve given some thought — not a lot maybe, but more than sufficient — to the DNA of T’d Up. The podcast, like most dynamic life forms on this planet since LUCA, has two parents: College Basketball, and Comedy. You two add important tidbits on the former in just about every edition (notably from Tait’s rants on UNC bball & Titus Tales of the Trillion at TOSU, so I’m should not (and will not) presume on any of that. Instead, I want to focus on the other source of T’d Up’s genetic code: Comedy.

This genealogy is basically right:

  1. Burns & Allen (Titus as Gracie: the ultimate compliment!)
  2. SCTV’s Great White North (Tait as Bob, Titus as Doug, the McKenzie bros’ signature “koooo LOO Koo KOO O— KOOO Loo Koo kooo” as the Rosetta Stone to “Technical Foul! Technical Foul!”)
  3. SNL’s Wayne’s World (maybe more in the earlier, purer form of “Wayne’s Power Moment”; unsure on who’s Garth)
  4. MST3K (Tait as Joel/Mike & Gypsy, Titus as Crow & Tom Servo)
  5. Desus & Mero (2 blacks you 2 can outjump: Titus b/c like Mero he carries the riff, Tait as Desus providing punctuation & translation)
  6. T’d Up