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To: Jesus

From: L

Re: Peak Titus

Sweet’ums, this is it, right? The Titcopalypse? Titmaggedon? I have four (4) different podcasts lined up in my pod storage bin, each fresh, each waiting to have it’s seal brok — … wait: wrong. There are no seals, not one; each pod is left free to scrounge for its own pecular ‘freshness’ of each pod among a mix of American urban ambient atmospheric gasses — each one with Tait Titus, or Titus less Tait, talkin’ March Madness.

It’s not even opening Thor’s Day, and already a Big Hint from the MM gods: 3 of 4 play-in games were won by the team located along the relatively more westerly longitude. And the 4th winner was New Orleans, named after the Incomparable City, which can not be fixed in relation to any other place, so it’s really 3:zip for west schools.

So, calling it now: the west-most school in each Region makes the FF. Great news for Saint Mary’s Gaels, USC Trojans, UCLA Lifestyles — that’s not right … Bruins!, and Oregon Ducks; Ducks in a tight over the Gaels for the championship.

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