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“You deprived me and at least five or six of my readers” should read: ‘You deprived me and at least five of my six readers’.

You’re welcome, Coach.

Notwithstanding that this correction is at least hypothetically possible

(Do I know something? Something every other reader does NOT know? Maybe — except even to just attempt to clarify whether or not it rises to beyond the hypothetical to the conceivably conception would be to risk postulating a theoretical risk to my methods & sources. So, I’ll let prudence be my guide, sleepy dogs lie, and it at that.)

[BTW, Tait Titus appears to be the only podcast with the BASKETBALLS not only to post within reasonable coexistence of the doings of the Regionals, but since Sunday evening appears to be the only CBB podcast extant keeping up with the hipso factos. I feel a diminishing certainty that Gonzaga is in fact the Best Damned Team involved in this year’s Madness perloo.]

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