Radix is one of the biggest Frontline in the decentralised finance system that boasts of easy access, liquidity and programmability of any asset in the world.
It is committed to building a community-driven decentralised public network that is both fast and scalable and appreciates the influence of the community and thus making efforts to integrate the members.

It is in this light that the Radvocate Ambassador program was launched.
The program primarily entails people engaging in different challenges to win points. A whooping amount of 10 million XRD tokens is to be shared among the top 100 Radvocates equally subjected however to the points accumulated- which are displayed on a leather board and updated every two weeks to enable each Radvocate follow his/her progress closely.😊

Now, I know you must be dying of curiosity. Don't panic, I'm here for you!

How do you register?

The process is easy peasy. Fill in your details on the Google form and you’re ready! ( Link is provided at the end of the article).

How do you earn??
-The first thing you basically do is to join the various radix online communities, getting to know more about the protocol and educating people as well. You get to earn some tokens in reward.😊

-Up next is getting tested based on your performance in areas like creating infographics, articles, creating webinars among others. You earn more tokens here as well as getting to be part of the exclusive radix. Fun right?!!

-The final level is where the few chosen Radvocates have access to huge grants of tokens as well as getting to be part of the radix group; both online and offline!

-Radvocates challenges and points attached.

-Creation of content/article about Radix; 1000 points with a bonus of 2000 for 5.
-Creation of video about Radix; 1000 points with a bonus of 2000 for 5.
-Creation of infographics about Radix; 1000 points with a bonus of 2000 for 5.
-Organising a webinar with a minimum of 15 attendees; 5000 points.
-Completion of Radix Defi surveys; 250 points.
-Completion of original translation; 250 points
-Creation of DLT Wikipedia page; variable points.

Points Reward
* 5000 points = 10,000 XRD.
* 10,000 points = 20,000 XRD.
* 15,000 points = 40,000 XRD.
* 20,000 points = 75,000 XRD.
* 25,000 points = 100,000 XRD.

Technical challenges

-Synthetic Assets; participants are expected to implement a version of synthetic assents in the Radix engine using an oracle or outer feed to receive regular updates on the ledger.

-Pooled Collateralised Lending; participants are expected to implement a decentralised pool based lending protocol on the Radix engine using a placeholder oracle for consistent updates.

-Liquidity Pool Dex; participants are to implement a liquidity Pool functionality in the Radix engine.

Non-fungible Tokens; participants are to implement non-fungible tokens in the Radix engine using the same motif as fungible tokens.

Scripting system that allows for building Defi projects; participants are to build a scripting system in the Radix engine that would allow anyone create Defi projects on the platform.

Note that KYC required. Also, China, Iran and the US are exempted from participating.

In conclusion; the Radvocates program is launched in a bid to create a loyal, accessible and active fan base of 500 advocates and a form of testing the waters and getting people reading for the testnet to be launched later this year.

This is no doubt a good initiative with an excellent cause!




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