5 Considerations for Effective Product Label Design

While there are no firm rules for effective product label design, most people know an appealing design when they see one. Certain elements can make a label more compelling, and some of those elements are discussed in the sections below.


To grab a casual shopper’s attention, sellers must use color efficiently. Color choice depends on a variety of factors, such as the Product labeling equipment, the product itself and the container color. Tools such as ColorBlender and Adobe Kuler can help companies choose attractive color combos for labels.


An eye-catching graphic design can draw further attention to a product. With the low cost of illustrations and stock photos, it’s easy to design a visually compelling label for a low price. Pictures really can be worth 1000 words as far as product labels are concerned, as they can draw a buyer’s eye to the product.


Font choice is a crucial decision that deserves as much attention as graphics and colors. While it’s important not to go with a stock Windows font, it’s equally vital not to pick an overused typeface. Product sellers shouldn’t be reluctant to branch out, as there are hundreds of unique fonts to be found online. Above all, the chosen font should be attractive and easy to read.


Before the design process begins, the seller must consider the label’s material. The most common options are clear plastic, white and cream-colored paper. Clear materials allow for a no-label look that can be very appealing when used with colored products or containers.

Label Finish

Whether a seller chooses a matte or glossy finish depends on the image they wish to convey. Matte laminates can provide a classic, easily readable look, while gloss materials can add visual impact. If it’s hard to decide between finishes, do a small test run of each to gauge customers’ preferences.

When designing a label it’s important to consider what competitors are doing. If most of them use glossy and colorful labels, a subdued and plain look will set a product apart on supermarket shelves. With the tips above, it will be easier to use Labeling Solutions to design an interesting label that encourages customers to try a product.