Floral preserved gifts and accessories by reputed designing firms

Well, you must have witnessed the orchid based gift items at your friend’s place or in your office premises. Nowadays, there is a great demand for such innovative products. In the orchid based items, a natural or real orchid is being positioned inside the transparent gift material. Well, it may be a transparent paperweight or a key ring, but there is a natural orchid inside the gift.

There is a great demand for these kinds of unique gifts Singapore. To fulfill the rising demands of the customers, the reputed gift designing companies have arranged necessary equipment's and techniques under their roof. Basically, a floral preserve technique is used to preserve the natural orchids inside the gift. Because of this technique, the orchids in the gift don’t get wasted with time; rather they grow and look more natural with time.

Unique Gifts in Singapore

If you think, it is very easy to preserve an orchid inside a fabric material, then you are totally wrong. The reputed designing firms in Singapore have hired a dedicated team of experienced designers in order to ensure the work.

The designers are practically trained with floral preservation techniques, and have also good experience in managing the works. The designers perfectly understand the demand of the customers and accordingly design the shape and structure of the gift items. With help of floral preservation techniques, it is feasible for the designers to preserve different types of flowers or orchids Singapore. Thus, roses, green leaves, lilies, and other orchids are greatly used in developing the orchid based gift items.

Well, this is not a single man’s activity, but the combined effort of all the employees and designers make it feasible without any issue. Again, the creativity and passion of the designers is greatly necessary to complete such complicated and time-consuming works. Keeping all these things in mind, the reputed designing firms in Singapore have arranged the best team of creative designers.

Orchids in Singapore

Types of floral preserved gift items

Below here some floral preserved gift items or accessories have been mentioned. You can keenly go through all the categories.

· Paperweights — Paperweights with clock, pen holders, and tea light holders are mainly designed and maintained as per the floral preservation technique. You will also find different quotes being written on the paperweights along with the preserved orchids.

· Jewelleries— Because of high demand, the designers have introduced the concept of floral preservation with the jewelleries. The pendants, earring sets, bracelets are mainly subjected to the floral preservation technique.

· Home collections and accessories— Various decorative items like hanging displays, wall displays, table displays, chopsticks, photo frames etc are designed with preserved orchids. Again day to accessories like bag hooks, key rings, magnets, scarves, purses, apparels, mobile phone charms, bookmarks, coasters etc are also designed with orchids.

· Corporate items— The floral preserved gifts or accessories are also available for the corporate. The reputed designing firms keenly understand the requirements of the corporate clients and accordingly have arranged products like photo frames, conference cups, clubs, and others.

You can simply visit the websites of the reputed designing firms and can order your desired gift items.