Top 25 things from my 25th year

On my last day of being 25, I decided to take some time out to be grateful for the year that’s been. The last year was more down than up, but there were many moments I’m grateful for. Here’s to cherishing them. Here’s presenting the top 25 moments that rocked my world.

  1. Launching cool products at Facebook
  2. Celebrating my 25th birthday with one of my best friends in Amsterdam
  3. Going to Harry Potter World in LA!
  4. Traveling to Dublin, Ireland #bucketlist
  5. Finally started doing physiotherapy for my leg injury, which paid off with number 6 below!
  6. Doing a proper hike after 2 years (in the Himalayas no less #ambitiousmuch?) with some of my best friends!
  7. Having my friends and family with me when I went through the darkest months of my life
  8. Ringing in the New Year with family
  9. Talking to Sheryl Sandberg, COO Facebook
  10. Mentorship lessons from Deborah, VP of Product/Platform at Facebook
  11. Started blogging again — Writing = therapy.
  12. Hyd 2.0 and a new home
  13. Reconnecting with old friends
  14. Returning to faith
  15. Finding my dad’s pocket notebook after he died. It was like a note from the grave. It made me happy, like a message from beyond. :)
  16. Finally swimming a length in an adult pool, I’ve been trying to do this for 20 years ago.
  17. Making music covers with my friends.
  18. Making new friends in Hyd/Bangalore.
  19. Return of my reading habit.
  20. Cycling to work in Austin
  21. Discovering inner strength
  22. Watching unexpected people come through
  23. Learning to be independent
  24. Happiness is a state of mind
  25. Losing everything is important, because it tells you what to go after.
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