Introducing HELLO 2 Creator Edition, HELLO Touch TV, and 2 HELLO Gadgets Extensions

Looks like Christmas is not over yet! As you may already know, our plan was to reveal every new product one by one on our teaser page. But since we received such great interest in our new products after introducing HELLO 2, we’ve decided to reveal all the other four products at the same time!

Meet HELLO Creator Edition and our Open Platform

After HELLO 2, which we covered in the last blog, we are now also releasing the HELLO 2 Creator Edition. This version of HELLO is designed and built specifically with the developer community in mind.

HELLO Creator Edition comes in a transparent casing, letting you see the inner workings of the device, which reflects our open source ideology in a physical aspect. What this means is that we are now opening our platform for developers to build any hardware gadget extensions or software applications on top of our open platform. We led the way by creating two physical gadgets: The HELLO Game Controller and HELLO Programmable Button. More on those below.

Meet HELLO Touch TV!

Powered by HELLO 2, the HELLO Touch is the smartest and most affordable 4K Touch TV for real-time collaboration, digital whiteboarding, video conferencing, wireless sharing and more.

The primary function of HELLO Touch is to serve as a digital whiteboard wherein all parties on a call can simultaneously share their screens and discuss various solutions through drawing or annotating on the Touch TV in real-time. Now your virtual teams in other physical locations can collaborate in real-time from any device.

The possibilities of HELLO Touch are virtually endless, and we cannot wait to share more with you in the following days.

Meet HELLO 2 Gadget Extensions

HELLO Gadget Extensions are a collection of connected products that enhance communication and interactions with HELLO devices. We can’t wait to see what kind of gadgets you will create next using our open platform.

HELLO Controller — Is a new way to play games through your HELLO device from the comfort of your couch anytime you need a break from work, or simply want to enjoy your time with family and friends. Since you can now install any Android game of your choice on HELLO 2, our slick, super-responsive controller will allow you to play any game, the way it was meant to be played.

HELLO Button — Is a re-programmable smart button designed to control things around you with one simple click. From controlling lights to locking doors or playing music, the HELLO button’s actions are so simple that even your pet can use it to call you when they get lonely.

HELLO 2, HELLO Creator Edition, HELLO Touch and Gadget Extensions, we’ll soon be back on Kickstarter, to once again, rewrite the story of how we communicate.

HELLO 2 at CES 2018 — If you are attending CES this year, we would love for you to join us for a live demo at our CES booth No: 51667 from the 9th to the 12th of January. Be the first to know when HELLO 2 is available on Kickstarter.

Pre-Kickstarter Giveaway — We remind you that we’ve launched 4 Giveaways, one for each product that we’ve revealed (worth more than $10,000.00 in total).

Signing up is as simple as following these three steps:

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Thank you for believing in us and for all your support!

Let’s change the way we communicate once again!


Labinot Bytyqi

Founder and CEO