Myth-Busting: Why Online Classes Won’t Cannibalize Your In-Person Classes

Here at Lably, we’re aware that you have big dreams —and we support them. You want to travel the world and give exciting and immersive classes. You don’t always want to be stuck in one place and be forced to only interact with a webcam.

A lot of educators worry that an online presence will overtake their ability to teach in-person classes. Fortunately, the truth is the opposite — an online presence will in-fact help you teach more in-person classes with a higher rate of attendance and a higher rate of interactivity.

With Lably, you can do online and in-person classes and interact with all of your students, all while you grow your brand. How does it work?

Why Conducting Online Classes Won’t Kill Your In-person Career

When it comes to marketing and building your name as your brand, more is always better. The more people who have heard of you, and who interact with you and your brand, the better. This is where online classes come in — you can easily build authority and make sure everyone knows you’re an expert in your specialties!

Even better, you can still travel when conducting online classes!

Here are some important statistics to know:

  • Over 60% of online educators are using webinars or live online classes as part of their content marketing programs, according to the Content Marketing Institute. This means that even top marketers value webinars for getting their names out there and building their brands!
  • According to ReadyTalk (online Webinar service), between 20% and 40% of live online class attendees turn into future potential students as well. That means they’re people who may attend your in-person sessions in the future!

How to Conduct Online Classes While Growing Your In-person Career

The key to conducting online classes while growing your in-person career is simple: do both!

Stream your live classes online so that everyone who wants to can attend!

At the same time, many students have trouble traveling and scheduling to attend an in-person class, so give them incentive to do so!

Here are some ideas for encouraging and rewarding students to attend live in-person while still reaching other students scattered around the world, online:

  • Decrease the price for those attending in-person. Perhaps you want to make sure those who made the extra effort attending in-person, get a bit of a discount compared to those who decide to save from commuting, accommodations, and blocking out time attending online
  • Limit the number of students who can attend online.
  • Advertise that you’re only sharing some information online.
  • Make in-person classes more interactive — invite students to participate in demonstrations and ask questions.
  • Release a free recorded version to in-person attendees so that they can remember the information better, just like how your students online get a recorded version of the class.
  • Give free gifts to those who attend in-person.

Simply follow Lably’s advice and you’ll be well on your way to teaching both in-person and online successfully and with spectacular engagement around the world!