Everyones Story Is Different…But We All Share One Thing…The Effects!

5 Years Missing…The Longest 5 Years

Back in the day prior to 2010 I had a couple of very “Successful Websites”. Things were going well for me and my family. I got to know some very Impressive High Quality Marketers. I was a fairly up and coming well known name at the time. From I’d say 2003–2010 I was very progressive and growing at a very successful rate. I started in Website Design and had an offline and online business. My offline however was doing much better than my online but that was ok. Through my Website Design I sorta grew into the Marketing phase. Came with the territory back then. To build a Website you had to know how to build to appeal to targeted audiences…And that is where the Marketing actually began (and to this day begins). By 2004 I had all but switched channels (still did Web Design but was gaining more and more interest and money with marketing). By 2005 I was a Full-time Marketer.

The years went by and I learned more and more, built sites that pertained to that area…Some “Paid Mail Sites”, then went full on to creating “Your Success Wealth” the winner of them all, along of course with “Affordable Website Solutions”. By this point I knew many Top Marketers and getting the word out was easy back then. I also went by my married name “Laurie Brandt”. Today I go by my before that “Brandt” married name to my before married name “Bullard, Laurie Bullard”. Reason? My Daughter who is now all grown up and her name is “Lauren Bullard” and we share the same initials “LAB” and same last name and she also is the Co-Owner of “LAB Media Group” and “Keeping It Reeal” (Non-Profit Education Program).

This Event Changed Everything For Me!

In 2010 something happened that brought mine and my families life to a screeching halt! In late January of 2010 our home was “In A Home Invasion Robbery” at Gunpoint! My Dog “Ginger” took 2 bullets that saved my and my friends life! Ginger was known all over the news as the “HERO DOG”, she truly saved my and my friends life that day! There are News Reports and I actually tracked the Articles all the way to the “Chicago Tribune”! I was completely and utterly DEVASTATED! We all were. My 12 year old Son, Justin walked up on the event. Heard all the Gunshots (which were 3 total). The Robbers ran down the steps past him as he was coming up the steps. He could of been killed. Ginger lay there on the floor DEAD — Gone forever! I loved her like one of my children. There was just no way I was able to continue doing anything, let alone a Web Business!

I Was Totally Just Unable To Face Anything!

I dropped out of site…Disappeared! It has taken 5 years (actually a little longer) to be able to live in a house again. I went through a lot. My recovery will never be 100% complete! In September 2015 I moved into an apartment for the 1st time since that tragic awful day! In October 2015 I decided to put my Business back together.

I was broke (still broke actually, these things take time), my children are now grown. My son is alienated from all of us by the tragedy still. I do not see him often and I miss him very much. We talk a little on Facebook now and then but that’s about it. He now lives with his father, honestly just something not to get into here. He does plan to attend College in Boston (way, way far away from Winston Salem NC) I still have my own recovery to work on, but…I am here anytime he is ready or needs me for anything!

My Daughter is the one who inspired me to re-build my Businesses. She was not there that day, drove up shortly afterwards but missed the actual events (Thank God!). Don’t know what I would do without her. She’s currently in her own crisis (totally unrelated) but hopefully she will be here with me within a year. We do talk almost daily.

It’s Taken Time…But I’m Making Progress!

This is what happened (the lite version of course) and this is what I am doing now! Like I said… I am broke, the Internet has changed tremendously in my 5 year absence. I do however have the ability to learn quickly and pick up on new things very well. Social Media has been really good to me. I knew very little about Social Media in 2010, did have a Facebook and Twitter accounts but they had not grown into the Social Media Mega Giants they are now!

Back in December I gave myself (someone sorta suggested it) a challenge. To get 1000 High Quality Twitter Followers in 30 days…I got over 1400 in just under 30 days! And it’s still growing, not like it was when I was trying to get a lot, real quick, but it’s at over 2200. Also has sent over 7000 Free Visitors to my all I could afford “SimpleSite.com site” BTW… http://lauriebullard.com (Marketing, BUT, “Keeping It Reeal” Non-Profit Education Program I am building) now I’ve not been as successful at Facebook. I started that as a way to keep in touch with Family and Friends. BUT…

Created a couple FanPages, hadn’t done too well either. So I created a GROUP based on a new site I am trying to get built with better tools (WordPress), please visit… http://facebook.com/LABMediaPromos trying to use Marketing to help fund Education Program. Group has been slow in taking off but only been open about a month now.

My “Education Program” is more than just an EDU Program. My situation, my Daughter's current situation and the many others can and will BENEFIT HIGHLY FROM “KEEPING IT REEAL”! http://lauriebullard.com Click the “About Us” and “Education Online” Links! It is open to everyone, BUT was created to provide support, help, guidance, whatever we can do to assist people in moving forward and offering the Highest Quality Online EDU, Marketing, Etc. that can be offered! All the while doing my best to keep any Marketing Programs, Products, Tools, as LOW PRICED as Possible.

Please SHARE! Help All Become Aware…

A Tragedy or Less Fortunate Event doesn’t have to be the end! It can “TRULY BE THE BEGINNING”, The Inspiration, Your Own Secret Sauce, However YOU choose to term it! I’m available to speak with anyone who wants to make a difference! My email needs to seperated as it all goes to one email inbox…best way to contact me is through http://facebook.com/LABMediaPromos (Messenger) Twitter.com/lauriebullard15 (PM) or call 888–412–6036 (option “5”). Thank you for reading my story! When it said Write/Tell Story, I had no clue where to start, so please your feedback is valuable to me! Again Thank you!

Laurie A. Bullard 4/13/16