How to Register on LaborCrypto and Earn through Referrals!

Hello! Thanks for joining our community and this movement! We thrive together and this is a great opportunity for us to continue our grassroots movement. To all those that signed up to the Airdrop, there’s an added opportunity to earn more by referring! There’s a popular saying that “sharing is caring”, in this case “sharing is earning”.

You can earn when someone you refer purchases tokens during the ICO phase. But first, you’ll need a custom URL so that way we know it’s you that brought in your friends, family, other contacts. To get a custom URL to earn a 10% referral bonus, you must first register on


  1. Visit website
  2. Click the registration button at the top of the screen as highlighted below.

3. Fill out the information required on the following two screens. The First screen is to confirm you are not a citizen, resident or company of an excluded Country and that you understand basic documentation.

The Second screen requires more detailed information about yourself; including name, email, phone number, date of birth, ethereum address and government ID (preference for Passport but may also consider Driver’s License if Passport not available).

4. After Step 3 has been complete you will be sent a verification email with a link to verify your account.

5. Once verified, your KYC process will begin. You will be notified once your process is complete.

Due to the high volume, KYC can take on average 2–3 business days to review. If it has been longer than 5 business days do follow up with admin in our Telegram channel ( or email

You can then go to the site and Login with your credentials and access your dashboard. Here you will find you custom URL to share and earn 10% bonus.

Now you can share your custom link and earn bonus on any tokens purchased from your referral! Let’s keep going!