About a strange data compression method

Labunsky Artem
Jun 7 · 7 min read
Image from rematelier.ru

About bits and a difference

Fitting methods

Compress it more and I’ll kill you

The scheme


High tech

How to use?

./f5ar -a [root directory] [Perl-compatible regex]
./f5ar -p [root directory] [Perl-compatible regex] [file to compress] [archvive file name]`
./f5ar -u [archive file] [unpacked file name]

Usage demo

Transparent terminal emulatoris transparent
No, really, go ahead and start reading right now

Instead of conclusion

Labunsky Artem

Written by

Russian information security specialist (literally stated in my ISCED-7 diploma). Looking for a job. https://labunsky.info

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