Comp Sci. Majors are the gifts that keep on capitalizing

Well, kind of.

Not in the sense that those that hire expect less; but those that join expect more through less work.

If you’ve ever talked to Computer Science majors who are still working on their degree, you’ll see a fine split between those who are driven towards creating and those who are driven towards capitalizing. The students that want to create are the love of the field, the truly ambitious, and the better future. They are the individuals that are willing to do the side projects and do the extra work and still find leisure in the hair-pulling difficulty that is Computer Science.

However, I’m not writing to praise; I’m writing to point out the most significant flaw. Specifically, the stigma that studying this field will automatically make you rich and smart. This is where the split becomes flagrant; through students that join the field purely focused on the monetary value that can be attained.

To whomever is reading this: If you are in this field, specifically for the money, I’m not going to tell you to dropout or switch; but please hear me out.

Whether you’re a first year or a fourth year, by choosing this major, you’re deciding that you will voluntarily spend an ample portion of your life and money practicing and studying Computer Science, potentially creating a future focus around the field. Why can this be a problem? Well, to the beginners and the professionals:

Computer Science can, and will most likely always be, extremely difficult.

The type of difficulty that makes you stay up at night to fix one small bug. The type that will drive you to pull your hair. The type that, when you wake up in the morning, you’re already thinking of how intricate those few lines of code may be to write; and that’s just to scratch the surface. When you choose any career, you should know the baggage that will follow. The field is hard, but it’s also magnificent and rewarding in so many ways.

With all that difficulty delivers creations and innovations and steps towards a better future. Whether you’re in the field of robotics, AI, automation, advertisement, mobile applications, computer software, hardware programming, video games, arcade machines, scripting, and much more than that, they are all amazing. The field is difficult because you’re working to solve problems, old and new. The field shouldn’t be a money bag that you try to grab in every opportunity that shows up. Instead, the field should motivate to create. Those that are in this field often approach problems in distinct ways, creating varying solutions, and utilizing the best method to solve the problem.

What is the best method? The one that can often, in both minimal and significant ways.

We have made Smart homes that “learn” your habits when turning on the air conditioner, yet it realistically takes less than 3 minutes to adjust. We have made digital calendars that send us reminders, yet it would only take a quick glance at a physical copy to see our agenda. We’ve made videos and video games that encapsulate a full 360° experience, yet it would only take a few seconds to turn our character 360°. We have even made self-driving cars, yet driving is not that exhausting of a task.

Are there arguments to this? Yes; but has there been massive change for the better? Also yes. Let the money be the extra reward, not the main drive.

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