Requiem for a Headphone Jack
M.G. Siegler

I’m okay with the possible vanishing of the jack plug, however I can see why this might be an upsetting move by Apple. We bid adieu to certain things because anothet did their job better. Like the floppy drive for example. What’s the point of keeping it if we have a better, widely used alternative(s), like CDs or thumb drives?

The thing is, it’s not the same for jack plugs. They are still dominant. The head/earphones people have are equipped with jacks. The ones you can buy are equipped with them as well. See the issue here? By the time floppy drives began disappearing, we already got used to something better.

Another thing to consider is that jack plugs will be removed and not replaced – at least they won’t get a direct successor. The new solution should be using the lightning connector as well? How about listening to music and charging at the same time? Suddenly it’s problematic.

We’ll see if the rumors turn out to be reality and how(if) Apple plans to make the transition any less painful for the majority (bundled bluetooth headsets?). Interesting times ahead.

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