I’m Going To England And France This Week To Ask Foreigners About Trump.
Allan Ishac

Careful, traveling overseas may make you want to stay there. Things are a bit more normal when you leave the US. I lived in Finland for a year and loved it and didn’t want to come back. On top of that, most people didn’t care that I was an American. When you leave the US, you become just liek everyone else — from somewhere else. The rest of the world doesn’t sit around thinking about how the America is the center of the universe. They might pretend to think that way in the company of some Americans — Americans who can’t handle the truth that we aren’t special. I was just in Namibia last week, and again, it was refreshing that while there, there was not a focus on the US — we had other things that were more important than Trump and the US — go figure. Have a great trip, I wish you the best in your journey. I can’t wait to see what the responses are.

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