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David Butow

David, thank you for your response. I look forward to reading the article you attached. I can certainly appreciate the idea of traveling around the country and learning about people from various viewpoints and contexts. I did a similar thing in 2014–2015 when I was in Finland doing an exchange year of studies during seminary. I used it as an opportunity to talk with such a wide range of people about the church in Finland. It was a fascinating and life changing exercise for me. I do appreciate your article and the insight you bring. It was actually refreshing to read something about the election that wasn’t slanted in either direction — one of the main reasons I read it actually. My lament was really aimed towards the idea that there is a whole segment of the population which don’t fit into the nice neat left/right split. Thank you for acknowledging our presence and the hope that people will embrace moderation. Keep up your good work. God Bless.

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